Hello There

New week new video! (I think Sundays are gonna be my post days because what better way to start you week then with a double dose of me 💁🏾) https://youtu.be/QyeVGMOzscU

This week has been painfully boring. I wake up, I do work (aka draw pictures), I walk around, I do more work (more pictures) – there are full days when I never leave my studio. I need an excuse to go on a trip somewhere fun and exciting (not that Richmond isn’t an absolute whoot but I need a change of scenery). I just discovered AirBnB (I know, I’m so late) and I want to be anywhere but here. Please, someone, hire me for something in another country and give me a reason to finally book a ticket (just putting it out there, Oslo and Reykjavik are currently at the top of my list)!!

I mean if I’m in my studio with no windows and no sense of time then I could be anywhere really – Iceland, Norway, Japan, Mars, Saturn, who knows! At least I’ll always have a free round-trip ticket to my imagination *sob* (please someone save me from mundane routine – pleaseeee).

Keep on keepin’ on


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