Liz at Large, Budget at Small, and Hair (finally) at Medium

This summer I am resurrecting my blog from the depths of the post-final exam slump it seemed to have fallen into a few weeks ago. The last time I posted I was working on a self portrait piece that will actually be on display in The Joel and Lila Harnett Museum of Art here in Richmond from late August to mid September if any of you lovely people wish to stop by and see it.

I have a research grant this summer (#EmployedArtMajor) to basically do whatever piece I want which is actually the most intimidating thing ever. No rules, no guidelines, no boss (okay no – I actually do kind of have a boss but he’s super chill) just limitless possibility. I’ve decided to make an animation and am currently underway on script #2 and character design #4. Eventually it will all come together, I’m not that worried (yet)(*hyperventilates*).

Here’s a snazzy little picture of my desk in my very own *studio* (bolded, italicized, and asterisked because it’s that big of a deal).


I love my studio but the worst part is I’m not by any windows. There is zero natural light by me whatsoever which would be fine except I completely lose track of time. For instance today, I went into the studio just for a quick second at around 2pm – I thought I would be at most an hour, and imagine my surprise when I leave and it’s pitch black outside and 10:30pm. I was pretty peeved until I remembered I get paid by the hour 😉 (Mwahahaha!! But I can only work 40 hours a week so there’s really no need for me to be there that late).

This summer as well as my yoga practice (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday vinyasa yoga and yes it is kicking my ass) I’m also practicing the art of extreme budgeting. So far I’m definitely not doing so hot but as senior year looms so does rent and groceries and adulting which I hear is quite expensive so I’m hoping to get the hang of this sooner rather than later. Summer in RVA is so pricey because there’s so much to do!! Literally everyday is some kind of festival or event (yesterday’s was the DJ concert at Kabana Rooftop, today’s was the South of the James Market and the Greek Festival, tomorrow’s is the Broad Appetit food festival on Broad Street). So much to do, so little time, and so sooo little funds.

I was able to save some money this week though because my friend Mary did, rather absolutely slayedddd, my hair! It was the first time my hair has been straightened in a while and it is official: I have medium length hair! I have completed the full hair spectrum!!! I’ve had long, I’ve had short, and now finally – medium. I feel like this must be how Aang felt when he mastered all four elements (Avatar: the Last Airbender reference, it’s basically one of the best cartoons ever if you haven’t seen it make that a top priority).

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Probably the biggest news of the week is I have finally forreal joined YouTube! I was kinda-sorta on it with a few short animations I made but now I’m a full on YouTuber, an Anim-illust-uber (Animator+ Illustrator + Youtuber) to be exact. You can watch my latest video at:

Watch, subscribe, like, do a dance then sit down and read a book or something (currently reading Swing Time by Zadie Smith and I’m really liking it).

That’s all for now folks!



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