Life Update

I honestly forgot this was even on my website but I guess there’s no time like 10:47pm on a Thursday to resurrect the blog.

Life is pretty okay right now and I feel like kind of a dick for saying that because there is a global pandemic happening and things are kind of a shitshow but I made cornbread in the skillet tonight so I’lll take a win where I can get it.

I oscillate (SAT word) between being radically ~in the moment~ and having a total meltdown that I don’t know what the future will look like a few months from now so that’s a nice little rollercoaster happening from the comfort of my own brain.

Found a book from college called Perennial Wisdom for the Spiritually Independent and started perusing that because what better time to face life’s big questions then when you’ve been put on pause.

I think the hustle porn/be your own boss/glamorization of Entrepreneurship is honestly the biggest trap out there *DON’T BELIEVE IT* but also I lasted less then 2 years total at a desk job so maybe get career advice from some other 24-year-old.

I just really don’t know. Like what’s supposed to happen after we’ve all had this time to confront ourselves? To confront all the bullshit in us, in the systems we exist in, in the institutions we’ve trusted like what now? Because I have no idea.

Cheers from my little corner at the edge of the abyss 🍻

– Liz

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